6 Tips To Run A Successful Online Business

6 Tips To Run A Successful Online Business

Posted On September 25th, 2022

Let’s dive in

1. Organize your web presence and assets in the right way

It goes without saying that if you want to establish your online business your online assets need to be planned accordingly right! However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Starting off in the online space can be overwhelming as you feel like you need to be everywhere in ever single platform.

My suggestion is to not get caught in the excitement of opening all the platforms and then not be able to sustain the amount of content that is needed for each one of them. I would instead start with the platform that feels right fr you and do a little content marketing plan around it. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it will really help you to invest the right amount of energy and time to make it work.

For instance when I started off around 3 years ago only started with Instagram as I really liked photography and I felt I was comfortable with the way the platform worked. I started to study experiment and master Instagram before I opened my podcast around a year and a half later which then took me to open Youtube at the beginning of this year and of course Digital Bosses Blog.

My tip for everyone starting out right now is to start small with an account on your favorite social media and a landing page where you can write a little bit about you and allow people to sign up for an email list. Once you gain experience and confidence you can then branch out to other platforms.

2. Maintain your customer information safely

Data is the new currency in the online world and the way you store your customer’s information is super important (I covered this subject with an expert on GDPR on my podcast A Cup Of Jo that you can listen here where we talked all things data protection).

For instance, using a platform such as mail-chimp or convert-kit to build your email list is a great way to comply already wit the right rules as these platforms have already everything in place for people to opt-in.

3. Protect your Business and brand reputation

Online business is all about reputation. The slightest mistake can taint your brand forever. The key is control. Setup a Google Alerts notification for your brand. That way, you’ll be able to inspect any mention of your brand.

Have a firm set of branding and social media guidelines, so anyone posting on behalf of your brand is aware of what you expect from them. This is harder than it sounds as people will always try to prove you wrong or blame you for everything as this is just the way it is, unfortunately. Usually when people don’t like one thing of your services they will bash the whole offer saying that you are not good enough. This personally took me quite some time

to deal with as it goes against the way I am as a person( I would never bash a whole company just because one product was not good for me) but I learnt to deal with and understand that we can’t be everyone cup of tea and that’s ok.

4. Write a business plan

Trust me I never realize the importance of writing a business plan until recently. as a creative person, I tend to have millions of ideas all at once and often change the process of things on the go. When I started to work online I sort of have an idea where I wanted to go but the process to get there is what I was still figuring out on the way.

When I decided to start the process to open my agency Rubelli Digital I knew what I wanted to offer and who I wanted to target but what wasn’t really clear in my mind was how to execute all of it and turn in to action.

During a weekend in quarantine, I started to write down all the steps of the agency process and be very specific in the way i wanted this new business model to operate and i cannot tell how much difference this made.

I go back to that business plan all the time and that helps me to stay focus on the goals and really have a roadmap and a direction on where I want things to go.

The thought of writing a business plan although is very useful can be very scary as it’s almost like taking all those ideas out of your mind and allow everyone else to see it. This often can make you feel exposed and vulnerable but I can guarantee you it actually helps you to move on with your business and with your idea.

There are tons of templates online but I am actually working on a document specifically for my Digital Insider subscribers that I will send via email super soon so I would suggest you join our newsletter to get yours.

5 Consistency is key over comparison.

In my corporate days in I used to constantly deal with the frustration of my bosses about the successful lunch of a competitor’s new product over ours. Coming from the beauty industry where trend dominates the market more than anything i learned the biggest lesson which can be replicated in any industry.

In every industry, there will be someone having an overnight success business and that’s just the way it is. Consistency is what will really pay off over time. Being on top of trends and choosing collaboration over competition is what personally made a huge difference from me.

6. Know when to call it to quit

What is the most difficult thing for an entrepreneur?

Quitting! That’s right. I believe that being smart in business also means realizing that perhaps that offer is not right for this time and place and maybe it is time to change adjust tweak it and if that doesn’t work just move on to something different. Yes, some bossiness will fail and that’s ok.

Lots of incredible ideas don’t see the light and don’t even start due to the fear of failure and that’s just sad. Failure is part of the game that “s worst than failure is regret.

Just because something didn’t work out in the way you thought, that doesn’t mean that the experience gained from that project cannot take you into something bigger and better.

What is the biggest takeaway here?

Running any business online or offline is always risky and never easy but that doesn’t mean impossible. Overcoming the fear of failure by constantly improving your knowledge and experimenting with something different or new, i believe is the way to see results alongside with consistency and drive.

Trust me everyone started somewhere and nobody really has ever everything figured out. Learning and improving in the making is the best way to enjoy the final result.

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