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Happy Wednesday! Today I am talking one of the biggest trends that have been blowing up during the lockdown…

Nope is not Zoom but Tik Tok and specifically its super user-friendly algorithm

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Due to the endless amount of time in our hands in the last 12 weeks, everyone has been jumping on challenges, trends, and movements on Tik Tok! I started talking about Tik Tok since the beginning of 2020 on my Youtube channel anticipating this was going to become the NEXT BIG THING! Well, guess what? Somebody was right (ok Joseph… enough now)!

Not only Tik Tok is one of the most downloaded apps on the app store (800 million subscribers) but it also is one of the most user-friendly platforms to give exposure to your content, why? 


TikTok is using machine learning to evaluate the quality of every video uploaded. Everyone understands that content is king, and this applies to TikTok, good content = social success.
When a video is uploaded, TikTok shows it to a small number of users in between popular trending videos. This way, the user doesn’t get bored. The algorithm then measures how much of your video is watched, as well as how many likes, comments, and shares it gets. It’s the viral videos that ultimately act as the carrot on the stick, hooking users to watch more, and more, and more, and more, and m…. you get the idea
The sweet spot ratio brands or users should aim for is one “like” for every 10 views. This triggers the algorithm to show your video to more people. In essence, the algorithm is triggered by the velocity of the engagement it receives. Content that gets less than that 1/10 like to view ratio will stop growing. The beauty of TikTok is that you don’t need a strong following to go viral. Anyone can record a video, upload it into TikTok and start getting views based on this algorithm.


What sets TikTok apart from other apps like Instagram and Snapchat, is that TikTok uses AI to determine precisely just how good your video is, and it ranks you on a scale of ten views to tens of millions of views.
Adding to this, the higher the percentage of completion your video gets the more distribution. It’s likely that as your distribution grows, the velocity metrics your video needs to achieve to keep growing increase. Meaning it’s much easier to go from 10 people to 100 people than from 50,000 people to 100,000 people.
As completed views have a lot of weight in the algorithm, we recommend keeping your videos between 10–15 seconds if your goal is to go viral. TikTok has a bunch of features that can aid your creativity, stickers, filters, and music overlays that can also capture the attention of your audience.
TikTok has rightfully earned its place amongst the social media app elite. If you haven’t been paying attention, you may want to download and start creating. Brands that can be flexible and adapt their content and channel approach to the ever-changing social media landscape can reap the rewards.


  • Push to Viewers
    TikTok will push to a group of viewers. The number of viewers is based on a few factors Number of Followers: Higher is better
  • Profile Rating: This is a rating that is assigned to the creator’s account (one posting the video) based on past video performances. If the creator has created content with great engagements, the profile rating will be higher.
  • Rating Ratio: If it isn’t the “Initial Push” (refer to flow chart), then the “Rating Ratio” in stage #4 is included as well. The higher the ratio, the more the video will be pushed to new viewers.

2. Evaluation of Performance

This stage is crucial since it determines the quality of the video based on engagement rates. After viewers watch the video, the algorithm tallies up engagements. Engagements are measured based on these criteria (ordered from most to least importance):

  • Completion Ratio: What percentage of the video was watched. For instance, if they watched half of the video, the ratio is 0.5. Good video content will be viewed in its entirety. TikTok shows the analytics of the video, and the user can see, on average, how many seconds viewers watched relative to the length of the video. If the average is greater than the length, then the video was watched repeatedly which factors favorably into the ratio.
  • Shares: When viewers share a video with other users, the video will gain viewers and engagements
  • Comments: The more comments, the better. If comments include other users being tagged, that will direct more users to the video, similar to sharing.
  • Likes: This is the smallest engagement, but it does count.

3..Rating Ratio Requirement
In this stage, the performance rating in stage #2 will determine if it meets the minimum requirement to do another push to new viewers. The higher the performance rating ratio, the more viewers get to see the video in the next push. If it does not meet the minimum requirements, then that will end the pushing of the video.

4. End Push to Viewers
This is when the video isn’t getting pushed to any users, and the views will drop to nothing. However, there is a chance that a video could get another push if it can get enough views and engagements to warrant it, and the cycle continues again. We have seen it on a few of our videos where it spikes again after a certain time from getting no views.


It’s not about going viral ( well if”s great) but be able to maximize your reach and get as many opportunities to increase your brand awareness. Tik Tok for small business has a huge potential and especially if you are someone selling anything in the beauty and fitness industry this is the place to focus ( I did a whole video about Tik Tok in business you can find HERE)

What do you think about Tik Tok?

have you played with it?

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