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IGTV ads

This has been a rumor since the beginning of the year and finally the tests to start monetizing your IGTV has started….

The beginning of IGTV 2 years ago didn’t really work as Instagram expected and one of the main reasons why people were not using IGTV was because compared to Youtube Creators were not able to monetize their videos.

This led Instagram to shift their strategy and started the process to make this happen. After 2 years of cracking down on bots, automation as well as prioritizing video content on the algorithm (I explained all of it on this video on Youtube) Instagram is finally ready to introduce ads on IGTV.

How will it work?

IGTV Ads have started to be tested with 200 creators worldwide and they will be fully available for creators starting from the end of June. Ads will be running through the videos with an average length of 2–15 seconds and 55% of revenue will go to the creators.

Tha main focus is to keep people on the platform as long as possible so most likely ads will be happening halfway through the video.

Creators will be able to track the performance of their ads and payment will be released monthly directly from Facebook. Instagram is human-reviewing every IGTV video before it’s accepted for monetization during this first phase. Eventually, they hope to combine a human and software review.

Live Badges

Another huge news when it comes to features is linked to Instagram Live.

Live broadcasting has registered a huge increase during the last 3 months especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Research shows that 75% of Instagram users live at least once a day for an average of 15 mins.

This feature registered a significant increase compared to the beginning of 2020 when only 12% of the users were going live.

Due to this huge increase Instagram decided to allow creators to actually make the most of broadcasting time and actually monetise it.

How will it work?

Creators will have a live badge while broadcasting and this will allow followers to purchase a live badge from $1..99 up to $4.99 that will allow them to jump on top of the audience and engage straight away with their favorite creators.

This will allow a deeper relationship between the creators and community and also will allow creators to make the most out of their broadcasting time.

Live shopping and some new integrations

Another huge update for Instagram will be Live Shopping, which allows people to tag their live videos with brands, to more creators who want to sell merchandise.

This will be expanding access to its Brand Collabs Manager to all US creators in the coming months, which means more creators will be able to share insights and engagement with brands and find potential brand partners that align with their audience.

Overall, Instagram is trying to take a bigger stake in how creators make money on its platform. It previously left influencers to figure out monetization on their own, sometimes leading to questionable ways creators tried to make money.

Now the game has changed. Instagram not only wants to play a bigger role in that world, but it wants to cash in on it, too (fairly enough i would say)

This might be good for more creators because finding brands and working with them in a more official capacity might be easier and Instagram-sanctioned.

At the same time, due to the users behaviour Instagram will have to take more responsibility for content that shows up and is controversial, meaning they can’t really play innocent when it’s in charge of placing ads and answering to advertisers.

What will be the requirement to apply to the Partners program?

The capacity to generate real, direct income from IGTV could be a big deal for top creators, who can already generate revenue from YouTube and Facebook.

As mentioned earlier the lack of monetization tools for IGTV has been seen as a significant factor in it not becoming a bigger hit, but if it were able to provide a new income stream for influencers, that could bring them and their large audiences across to Instagram’s video platform.

Of course, the truth lies in the detail. There will be eligibility thresholds of some kind for IGTV monetization, but what those thresholds are we don’t know as yet.

Research has suggested that the requirements could be similar to the same to add ‘Swipe up’ links to Instagram Stories 10,000 followers. and another key point for the program is to have had at least 30k views on IGTV videos

Another huge point to being able to access the program is ensuring that the audience is authentic and not automation are being placed.

The question that is coming up for me is the following.

With IGTV currently being used by youtubers as a way to repurpose the same content on a different platform will they allow the monetisation of repurpose content or only original content?

I guess only time will tell us.

What are your thoughts on the new partner program?

Let me know what are your thoughts on the new features

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