Dental Centre Turkey

Dental Centre Turkey

Case Study

Elevating Brand Awareness and Overseas Bookings for a Dental Clinic through Strategic Marketing


Dental Clinic in Turkey

Objective: To increase brand awareness and attract more international patients by promoting smile makeover services in the UK market.

Approach and Achievements:

Content Strategy:

To drive bookings and engagement, we developed a comprehensive content strategy focused on user-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing. Our strategy aimed to showcase the clinic's expertise, create a positive buzz, and foster trust among the target audience.

UGC: We encouraged patients to share their smile makeover experiences on social media, showcasing their stunning transformations and highlighting the clinic's exceptional services. By leveraging UGC, we created an authentic and relatable narrative around the clinic's capabilities.

Influencer Marketing:

We collaborated with influential individuals, particularly micro-influencers, who had a strong presence and engaged following in the UK market. Through strategic partnerships, we positioned the clinic as a go-to destination for smile makeovers, reaching a wider audience and generating interest and bookings.

Social Media Management:

Taking charge of the clinic's social media accounts, we implemented a comprehensive social media management strategy, focusing on educational content, UGC, and testimonials. Our goal was to build credibility, establish the clinic as a trusted authority, and attract potential patients.

Instagram: Through a combination of compelling visuals, informative captions, and engaging stories, we successfully grew the clinic's Instagram following from 3,000 to over 11,000 followers. By consistently showcasing smile makeover transformations, sharing educational content about dental procedures, and leveraging UGC, we increased brand visibility and captivated the interest of individuals seeking smile makeover treatments.

YouTube: Managing the clinic's YouTube channel, we produced high-quality videos featuring smile makeover success stories, treatment overviews, and patient testimonials. By providing valuable information and visually appealing content, we grew the channel from 850 to 2,500 subscribers. This further solidified the clinic's reputation as a leading destination for smile makeovers and provided an additional platform to engage with the target audience.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns:

We executed two highly successful influencer marketing campaigns, carefully selecting micro-influencers with a strong following and influence in the UK market. These campaigns played a pivotal role in increasing UGC, generating brand awareness, and driving bookings.

Micro-Influencer Selection: We meticulously identified and collaborated with micro-influencers whose values and content aligned with the clinic's target audience. Their authenticity and relatability allowed for a deeper connection with potential patients, enhancing the credibility and effectiveness of the campaigns.

UGC and Booking Focus: By partnering with the selected micro-influencers, we encouraged them to share their smile makeover journeys, documenting their experiences with the clinic's services. This UGC-driven approach created a sense of trust and social proof, showcasing real-life transformations and demonstrating the clinic's expertise. The campaigns resulted in an average of 35 bookings per creator during the active campaign period, attracting new patients and converting them into bookings.

Results and Impact:

Organic Content Impact: In addition to the successful influencer campaigns, the clinic experienced a consistent flow of 10 bookings per month solely from the organic content we created and shared on social media platforms. The informative educational content, captivating UGC, and persuasive testimonials effectively engaged the target audience and led to qualified leads and conversions.

Increased Brand Awareness: Our efforts led to a significant boost in brand awareness, both within the UK market and among international audiences seeking smile makeover services. The substantial growth in Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers showcased the clinic's expanding reach, increased visibility, and strengthened brand presence.

Enhanced Credibility and Trust: Through the strategic use of testimonials and UGC, we successfully built credibility and trust among the target audience. The authentic experiences shared by real patients validated the clinic's expertise and quality of services, contributing to an increased number of bookings.

International Patient Attraction: The combined impact of our content strategy, influencer campaigns, and social media management efforts resulted in a notable increase in international patient bookings. The clinic became recognized as a premier destination for smile makeovers, attracting individuals seeking high-quality dental services from overseas.

By implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy that incorporated content creation, influencer collaborations, and UGC-driven campaigns, we successfully transformed the client's concept into a profitable reality. The increased brand awareness, bookings, and international patient base solidified the dental clinic's position as a top choice for individuals seeking transformative smile makeovers.

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