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Case Study

Driving Traffic to a Dubai-based Experience Lounge through Organic and Paid Media


Tep Factor Dubai-based Experience Lounge

Objective: To increase traffic to the client's Dubai location through a comprehensive marketing campaign utilizing organic and paid media strategies.

Approach and Achievements:


To revitalize the client's brand and create a visually appealing identity, we implemented the following strategies:

New Graphics: 

We developed fresh and captivating graphics that utilized the client's brand colors to express different aspects of their content. By incorporating vibrant visuals and consistent branding elements, we aimed to capture the attention of the target audience and generate intrigue.

Content Strategy:

To engage and captivate the target audience, we devised a content strategy that focused on the playful side of the experience lounge:

Playful Content: 

We curated and shared content that showcased people enjoying the experiences offered by the lounge, highlighting the fun and exciting moments. Additionally, we created engaging puzzles and challenges to stimulate involvement and interaction through the platform's story features. By fostering a sense of playfulness and curiosity, we aimed to encourage potential customers to visit the lounge.

Engagement Strategy:

To attract tourists visiting Dubai and seeking new and unique experiences, we implemented an engagement strategy tailored to their needs:

Tourist Involvement: 

We targeted tourists who had recently arrived at Dubai airport and were actively seeking enjoyable experiences during their vacation. By positioning the experience lounge as a must-visit destination, particularly through the concept of escape rooms, we aimed to pique their interest and encourage them to include the lounge in their itinerary.

Facebook Ads:

To drive conversions and promote various events within the business, we executed targeted Facebook ad campaigns:

Conversion Campaign: 

We designed a conversion campaign with the objective of increasing bookings for the experience lounge. By targeting relevant audiences based on demographics, interests, and location, we aimed to capture their attention and drive them to make reservations. The campaign highlighted the unique events and experiences available, enticing potential customers to book their visit.

Results and Impact:

Increased Traffic: 

Through the comprehensive marketing campaign, the experience lounge saw a noticeable increase in traffic to their Dubai location. The combination of organic and paid media strategies effectively attracted the attention of the target audience, leading to a surge in visitors and bookings.

Enhanced Brand Identity: The rebranding efforts, including the creation of new graphics that aligned with the client's brand colors, successfully revitalized the brand's identity. This consistency across various platforms and marketing materials enhanced recognition and recall among the audience.

Improved Engagement: The content strategy focused on the playful side of the company resulting in improved engagement levels. By sharing people enjoying the experiences and incorporating interactive elements like puzzles, the audience was encouraged to actively participate and interact with the brand, fostering a sense of excitement and curiosity.

Successful FB Ads Campaign: The conversion campaign on Facebook effectively generated bookings and promoted various events within the business. By targeting specific demographics and leveraging compelling ad creatives, the campaign successfully attracted the attention of potential customers, leading to an increase in reservations and revenue.

By implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompassed rebranding, engaging content, targeted engagement, and strategic Facebook advertising, the experience lounge successfully achieved its goal of driving traffic to its Dubai location.

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