Case Study

Rebranding and Strategic Marketing for a Gold Investment and Digital Currency Company


Kinesis Gold Investment and Digital Currency Company

Objective: To successfully rebrand the company and enhance brand awareness, engagement, and conversions through a targeted marketing campaign on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter platforms.

Approach and Achievements:


To effectively rebrand the company and create a captivating online presence, we implemented the following strategies:

Eye-Catching Graphics and Style: We redesigned the company's social media pages, focusing on visually appealing graphics and a captivating style. By incorporating eye-catching elements and a cohesive visual identity, we aimed to attract and engage the target audience.

Content Strategy:

To provide value-driven content and increase brand engagement, we developed a comprehensive content strategy:

Value-Driven Content: We focused on delivering informative and valuable content in the gold industry. By sharing insights, market trends, and educational material, we positioned the company as a trusted authority and provided the target audience with valuable information to make informed investment decisions.

Driving Traffic to Corporate Podcast and YouTube Channel: 

We leveraged social media platforms to drive traffic to the company's corporate podcast and YouTube channel. By sharing teasers, highlights, and exclusive content, we encouraged followers to explore and subscribe to these channels, fostering deeper engagement and loyalty.

Engagement Strategy:

We created a bespoke engagement strategy to increase interaction on stories, such as polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions. By actively engaging with the audience, we fostered a sense of community and encouraged them to share their opinions and participate in discussions. Additionally, we strategically directed traffic to the company's blog, generating increased traffic and readership.

Profile Cleaning and Real Engagement:

We performed a thorough profile cleaning to remove previous bot accounts and automated activities implemented by the previous agency. This ensured that the engagement on the company's social media platforms was authentic and meaningful, allowing for genuine connections and interactions with the target audience.

FB & Twitter Ads Strategy:

To drive conversions and achieve specific campaign goals, we developed targeted ad strategies on Facebook and Twitter:

Conversion Campaign:

We launched a conversion campaign on Facebook to increase downloads of the new company app. By targeting relevant audiences and utilizing compelling ad creatives, we aimed to drive app installations and engagement.

Lead Generation Campaign:

We implemented a lead generation campaign to generate requests for the launch of the new credit card. By creating enticing offers and utilizing effective lead capture forms, we collected valuable customer information for further marketing and conversion opportunities.

Twitter Ad Strategy:

We developed a strategic ad campaign on Twitter to drive traffic to blog posts and increase brand awareness. By leveraging targeted keywords, compelling visuals, and engaging copy, we aimed to attract relevant users to the blog and foster brand recognition.

Results and Impact:

Successful Rebranding:

The rebranding efforts, including the eye-catching graphics and style, successfully transformed the company's online presence, attracting attention and enhancing brand recognition.

Increased Engagement and Traffic: 

The value-driven content strategy and engagement initiatives resulted in increased engagement, interaction, and traffic to the corporate podcast, YouTube channel, and blog. The company effectively positioned itself as a reliable source of information in the gold industry, fostering a loyal and informed audience.

App Downloads and Lead Generation: 

The Facebook conversion campaign yielded a substantial increase in app downloads, while the lead generation campaign generated a significant number of requests for the new credit card launch. These campaigns contributed to expanding the company's customer base and revenue opportunities.

Twitter Ad Impact: 

The targeted Twitter ad campaign effectively drove traffic to the blog, increased brand awareness, and positioned the company as a thought leader in the gold investment and digital currency space.

By implementing a comprehensive rebranding and strategic marketing campaign, the company successfully enhanced its brand awareness, engagement levels, and conversions. The cohesive and visually appealing brand identity, along with value-driven content and targeted ad strategies, established the company as a trusted authority and attracted a growing audience interested in gold investment and digital currency.

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